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Professional Development for
Algebra Progress Monitoring

The goal of the PD-APM project is to build, refine, and pilot an interactive online professional development system for algebra progress monitoring. The system includes modules that provide educators with the skills and background knowledge to administer and score three types of algebra progress monitoring measures. In addition, it includes data management tools that provide teachers of beginning algebra with efficient and instructionally relevant data about their students' performance and progress over time.

PD-APM requires a moderate level of fluency with basic computer technology and internet-based learning. If you are not technologically proficient, we suggest that you complete the modules with a colleague who can provide any needed tech support.

The algebra measures in this system are appropriate for students learning Pre-algebra and Algebra 1 content.


What Can Algebra Progress Monitoring Do for You?

Algebra progress monitoring is an assessment system that allows you to track your students' growth toward important outcomes in algebra. While the chapter/unit tests and quizzes that many teachers use give important information about how well students have acquired the concepts and skills of a subset of algebra content, they don't allow teachers to track students' algebra proficiency over time or to evaluate how well students are maintaining and integrating their knowledge. With brief assessments (less than 10 minutes) administered multiple times across a course, teachers can identify which students are demonstrating expected rates of improvement in their proficiency and which might require additional support or enrichment. PD-APM provides you access to the professional development needed to implement algebra progress monitoring in your classroom or district.


Face to Face Training

Until the online system is fully developed, the only way for teachers to have access to the Project AAIMS Algebra Progress Monitoring Measures is to attend a face-to-face workshop. Project AAIMS trainers travel to local sites to deliver either a single day Practitioner Workshop or a 1½ day combination workshop that includes the Practitioner Workshop and a Trainers session. Additional information and pricing for the training is outlined on the Project AAIMS website.