Education for Social Justice is a 12-credit certificate. All students seeking the certificate are required to take ELPS 620: Education for Social Justice, which introduces students to a range of social justice topics in P-20 education (note: ELPS 620 is not a prerequisite for other courses in the certificate). The course is offered annually in the Fall semester. The additional 9-credits may be taken from a list of approved courses.

There is no required field experience, however, up to 3-credits of field experience credits may be taken to fulfill the 12-credit requirement. Field experiences should be coordinated on an individual basis with an SOE faculty member. Field experiences may not be taken until after the completion of ELPS 620.

Who May Participate?

The certificate in Education for Social Justice is open to graduate students in all fields and disciplines as well as non-degree seeking community members admitted to the Iowa State University Graduate College. You can use this as a stand-alone graduate certificate, or it can be added to any Iowa State University master’s or doctoral graduate degree.

Additionally, courses in Education for Social Justice are open to all students regardless of participation in the certificate.