Social Justice Program


The Social Justice Concentration in Higher Education (SJHE) program addresses and provides educational resources for understanding and working against oppression to bring about social change at the individual, community, institutional, and structural levels of education.

SJHE is a certificate program that can be:

  • A standalone graduate certificate
  • Applied to any ISU graduate degree

Social justice

While there are many definitions of social justice, we consider social justice a process and an objective of ending oppression and domination at the individual, institutional and systemic levels.

We believe that to end oppression and domination means to work towards equitable policies and practices that challenge the exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence experienced by marginalized groups (Young, 1990).

Our goal is to engage all groups in society in this process as we envision a society in which the distribution of resources is equitable and where all members are physically, psychologically, and spiritually safe and secure.


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  • Did You Know?

    We believe that social actors cultivating their own agency and articulating a sense of social responsibility towards others is paramount to social justice. Working toward social justice is a democratic and inclusive process that affirms human agency and enables the capacity for collaboratively creating progressive change.