ThinkSpace is a web-based, instructional platform designed to deliver classroom content that focuses on real-world cases, scenarios, and other activities involving higher-order thinking skills, ill-defined problems, and collaboration. ThinkSpace is unique because the platform enables a case-study approach that simulates real-world problems and environments, thereby encouraging innovative curriculum for teachers and students alike. Another unique aspect of ThinkSpace is that it encourages innovative curriculum and instructional approaches to problem solving. It also offers many unique tools to assess assignments, such as Diagnostic Pathfinder, Markup, and Rubrics.

Professional Development for Algebra Progress Monitoring (PD-APM) uses the ThinkSpace platform to provide instructional modules and to support the scoring and data management tools incorporated into the system. When you access PD-APM, you will do so through the ThinkSpace system, and you will be operating as a student (of the professional development) rather than as a teacher. The ThinkSpace platform allows the integration of audio, video, and interactive exercises within the modules, as well as the tools used for scoring and data management. Teachers in our development cohorts will use a ThinkSpace tool called "Markup" to provide comments regarding the instructional modules.

ThinkSpace is an open-source platform that was developed at Iowa State University by Dr. Pete Boysen, the Technical Team Leader for PD-APM. If you are interested in learning more, you can review a wiki created for and by ThinkSpace users.

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