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Teacher education at ISU - the Educator Preparation Program - draws on a wealth of resources across the university to provide you with an unparalleled combination of subject content and professional teaching expertise. Hallmarks of the ISU Educator Preparation Program include the depth of clinical experience provided to students and the personal attention given by supervisor professionals that help students develop the foundation for future success in education.

Whether you’re a future freshman that’s just beginning to explore your calling or an established teacher that wants to expand your expertise, get ready to begin your adventure! Get started  »


Why become a teacher at ISU? Video  » Meet Catherine Lowe!
How do supervisors make a difference?

“[My supervisor] helped me embrace teaching qualities that I had not realized I possess. Being able to recognize those qualities helps me to build on my strengths and embrace my individual qualities as I continue to develop my personal teaching style.”

– ISU student

Catherine Lowe, ISU El Ed alum, explains how her passion for science informs her job as the Science Center of Iowa education coordinator in this IPTV Connections to Science video. She attributes her drive for finding the answers to science questions to ISU faculty such as E.J. Bang (see below). Related story »
  • The Test Scores For the Praxis II Content Exam are changing.

  • Sarah Brown Wessling: Fundamental Philosophy

    Video »

    Learn more about the experiences that helped propel Sarah Brown Wessling from student life at ISU to an Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama as 2010 National Teacher of the Year.

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