Students seeking the Learning Technologies Minor must:

1- Talk with your academic adviser:
Contact your adviser and discuss your interest in the minor and choose the courses that fit your schedule/curriculum. The minor require at least 16 credits, including at least 6 credits taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other college or university requirement. The same courses may not be applied to two different minors.

2- Fill out the form:
Fill out the university request for minor form available online at the link below: /minorform.pdf.
This form must be signed by the student, the student’s adviser, the Learning Technologies minor program coordinator, and the dean of the student’s college of major.

3- Register for a course:
Registrations can be done via Accessplus. A list of the available courses in Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education for the current and next semesters can be found at: