Student teaching is often thought of as an internship.  Teacher candidates are expected to follow the district’s calendar and contract times.  They attend school Monday through Friday following the contract hours for teachers in the district.

Student teaching is an extensive time commitment.  Teacher candidates are not allowed to take any classes during the semester in which they are student teaching.  In addition, teacher candidates are not to work while student teaching.

Teacher candidates are responsible for their own transportation.  Central Iowa locations will be within a 60-mile radius of Ames. Teacher candidates are also responsible for their own living expenses, whether they are student teaching in Central Iowa or in an outside location.


Student teachers need to know their specific student teaching course number in order to register. They receive this course number at the MANDATORY student teaching placement meeting the semester before they student teach (at the end of November for spring student teachers and at the end of April for fall student teachers).

Student Teaching Assignments

All student teaching assignments are made through Teacher Education Services in 0133 MacKay Hall. At all locations, placements vary by semester and year. Not all academic areas are used within each district and districts restrict the number of placements accepted:

If the student fulfills all of the requirements to student teach, providing one placement for student teaching is the obligation of the university. If a student is not successful during student teaching, additional placements do not have to be made by the university.

Student Teaching Handbooks can be found here


Student Teaching Application

The first part of the request for student teaching placement is an online form that you complete and submit the semester before you plan to student teach.

Preferred regions: On page 4, you will be asked your preferred regions to student teach. Extreme circumstances may arise requiring a student to request an alternative student teaching placement. Such requests will be considered only if the circumstances are truly beyond the requester’s control. Students who submit a Special Site Request must follow the procedures outlined in the form. Specific criteria are used to determine approval for special site requests that involve placement in a school district that is in the vicinity of a regent’s institution.

  1. Complete the in Tk20
  2. Click Submit at the end of the fully completed form.

Professional Biography

The second part of the request for student teaching placement is the professional biography. This document will be sent to schools.

  1. Complete the Professional Biography in Tk20
  2. Complete all fields and click Submit.


Documents: Follow the directions above for the confidential application and the professional biography.

Timing: You must have completed and submitted both documents prior to the Decision Point 2 meetings.

Submission: You are required to meet with Teacher Education Services in 133 MacKay during Decision Point 2 meetings. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete your Decision Point 2 meetings because you will speak with the coordinator of student teaching, coordinator of licensure during this process, and advisers if you are an Elementary Education major. If you are interested in teaching at a location outside of central Iowa but within the United States, you will also meet with Jaime Boeckman.  If you are interested in student teaching internationally, you will meet with the International Student Teaching Coordinator.

Secondary Education Students and K-12 Endorsements:

Placement Process and Timing

The semester before your student teaching semester, you will complete forms and attend meetings so you are prepared to student teach. You will be REQUIRED to do the following by Teacher Education Services:

First week of the fall and spring semester: All students attend the “Round Up” meetings that provide instructions on how to complete the two forms for decision point 2, request for a student teaching placement. Round Up meetings last 55 minutes.  You will also receive a packet of information at Round Up regarding Decision Point 2 and the student teaching semester.

Third and fourth week of the fall and spring semester: The coordinator of student teachingand the coordinator of licensure, El Ed advisers if you are an El Ed major, coordinator of outside location student teaching (Mrs. Boeckman), and coordinator of international student teaching will visit with student teachers in Teacher Education Services in 133 MacKay. You must submit your Student Teaching Application and the professional biography online 24 hours in advance of attending Decision Point 2 meetings. 

December and May: All students attend the “Placement Meeting,” which provides preparation for student teaching and licensure. The Placement Meeting lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

End of November and April: All students attend a fingerprinting session for licensure.

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