Algebra Progress Monitoring Center

Welcome! The Algebra Progress Monitoring Center offers opportunities for educators and researchers to learn more about algebra progress monitoring and access measures that have been developed. Professional development opportunities are available to support educators in learning how to use progress monitoring tools for beginning algebra courses. These tools were developed and tested in three federal grant projects.

Algebra Assessment & Instruction: Meeting Standards (AAIMS)

Project AAIMS was designed to examine the teaching and learning of algebra for students with and without disabilities and to develop reliable and valid algebra assessment tools that can be used for monitoring the progress of all students. Read more about Project AAIMS. We offer face-to-face professional development for teachers and for trainers on the AAIMS measures. Project AAIMS was funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (#H324C030060) from January 2004 through December 2007.

Professional Development for Algebra Progress Monitoring (PD-APM)

PD-APM, an outgrowth of Project AAIMS, developed an online version of the face-to-face training and expanded the utility of the measures by creating data management tools that provide enhanced graphing capabilities and more descriptive data for instructional decision making, including skills and error analyses. Read more about PD-APM. The online system is not currently available for public access. PD-APM was funded by the Institute for Education Sciences (#R324A090295) from 2009 to 2012.

Algebra Screening and Progress Monitoring (ASPM)

The purpose of the ASPM project was to refine the three procedural measures of algebra developed in Project AAIMS and to develop and test three new conceptual measures of beginning algebra. Although project data did not support the use of the conceptual measures within a progress monitoring context, we are making the conceptual measures available for instructional use and additional research. Read more about ASPM. ASPM was funded by the Institute for Education Sciences (#R324A110262) from 2011 to 2015.