Online and Onward

Students share what it’s like to venture online and onward while social distancing. Though physically distant, we stand humanly together — as champions who stay home to protect the communities we love.

Faculty Focus: Noreen Naseem Rodriguez

Noreen Naseem Rodriguez is a human scientist in the School of Education who promotes more inclusive elementary social studies classes in the U.S. She works to ensure that all students can see themselves represented in the American story.

Faculty Focus: Kristina Tank

Kristina Tank is a human scientist that uses her experience as an elementary school teacher to better prepare her students at Iowa State for their careers as teachers.

Student Stories: Latinx leader gets tools at Iowa State to help serve her community

As a school teacher, Vanessa Espinoza sought the right tools to help her students and her community. She enrolled as a graduate student in the School of Education at Iowa State, and found a place to obtain the skills she needs to be a leader in her community.

Why I Teach

Student teachers from Iowa State University talk about their experiences in their student teaching placements.

Faculty Focus: Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez is a human scientist who is an assistant professor in the School of Education. She works with graduate students studying higher education and student affairs.