Student Profiles


Musa Abd’Alim


Musa Abd'Alim, a sophomore in elementary education, looks forward to instilling the values of kindness and family in his future classroom.

Allison McDonald

When Allison McDonald thought about what her dream job would entail, she realized that teaching children was exactly the career she was looking for. Now at Iowa State, she's majoring in elementary education to make her dream a reality.

Taylor Sicard


Taylor Sicard discovered her passion for helping others learn from a young age when she frequently found herself helping her fellow classmates. Now, a senior at Iowa State, Taylor is preparing to one day have her own classroom. 

Jaret Miller


Teaching wasn't always what Jaret Miller thought he wanted to do, but once he experienced what it was like to work in a middle school classroom, he instantly knew that it was his calling. At Iowa State, he's majoring in elementary education in hopes of having a positive impact on his future students.

Monica Lara


Monica Lara wants to drive discussion to promote self-growth and awareness of inequality issues as a future upper elementary or middle school teacher.

Elea Kaptain


Elea Kaptain has worldly experience teaching in the field she thoroughly enjoys: languages. Later this fall, she hopes to continue her passion by becoming a language teacher in the Netherlands. 

Jarrel Johnson

Jarrel Johnson has meticulously planned out his career in phases. His current phase, research and teaching, includes expanding his knowledge on identities and how higher education institutions play a role in supporting them.

Payton Thomas


Payton Thomas has always known that she wants to become a teacher. As she gains teaching experience at Iowa State, she knows she is exactly where she is supposed to be. Payton is ready to establish her own teaching philosophy after graduation. 

Avery Maresca


Avery Maresca gains teaching skills through her courses so she can become a role model for future K-1 students.

Abigail Almanza


Abigail Almanza has always had a knack for math. Inspired to help others, Abigail looks forward to aiding in her future student's success and growth within mathematics. 

Brooke Harbaugh

Brooke Harbaugh grew up playing school as a child. Now a junior at Iowa State, Brooke can't wait to become a role model for her future students. 

Dariana Glasco-Boyd


Dariana Glasco-Boyd became interested in student affairs after earning her bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology. She decided she wanted to become a faculty member in a student affairs program to help Hispanic students while speaking their primary language.

Jacey Ellis


Jacey made the decision to transfer to Iowa State University the second semester of her freshman year. She has found her home at Iowa State, studying elementary education and making a positive influence.

Teri Jo Lane


Switching majors can be a difficult transition, but Teri Jo is thriving in elementary education, with a plan for the future that involves middle school math and coaching.

Megan Meyn


Megan Meyn has always been interested in being a teacher. Now, she's studying elementary education to create a positive, enjoyable learning environment in her future math classroom.

Brynn Hansen


Brynn Hansen has wanted to be an elementary school teacher since kindergarten. Here at Iowa State, Brynn is now working to make her dream come true.

Jenna Baumler


Working in a preschool classroom in high school inspired Jenna to study early childhood education. Read about how Jenna's experiences in clubs and in the classroom have contributed to her growth as a student.

Kayla Schaufenbuel


Kayla Schaufenbuel has always enjoyed working with kids and watching them develop. After college, she plans to encompass her interests of teaching and engaging in sports as a middle school math teacher and a high school volleyball coach.

Anna Wellman


Anna Wellman has completed practicum experiences in an elementary classroom to work toward her dream of being a teacher.

Katie Westlake


Katie Westlake plans to become an elementary teacher after college. Before and during her time at Iowa State University, she has collected multiple leadership experiences that are paving the way toward her future career.

Maggie Hanneman


Teaching is in Maggie Hanneman’s blood; Maggie’s grandfather was a teacher and coach his whole life, and her mother has been a teacher since she can remember. Maggie takes the lessons from the teachers and professors in her life to prepare for having a classroom of her own someday.

Lydia Anderson


Lydia Anderson has wanted to become a teacher for nearly her whole life. Now a sophomore studying elementary education at Iowa State, Lydia has come a long way since erasing the chalkboard in her first-grade classroom.

Michelle Brackett

<p>“We’re a comfort for undecided students. We’re someone they can talk to if they need anything.”</p>

Michelle Brackett is studying to become a preschool special education teacher. When Michelle isn't studying, she enjoys hanging out with friends and watching The Big Bang Theory.

Riley Drake


Riley Drake plans to work as a professor of teacher education after receiving her Ph.D. When Riley isn't studying, she enjoys playing with her dog, reading poetry, spending time with friends and watching Netflix with a glass of Diet Coke.

Doug Elrick


Doug Elrick plans to work as a full-time educator in digital forensics after receiving his Ph.D. In his free time Doug enjoys staying active in his church and helping with the church building, teaching a bible study, and leading a small group.  

Steven Waddell


Steven Waddell hopes to one day run his own college. In his free time Steven enjoys photography, writing, video games, basketball, and being vegan. 

Jake Bennett


Jake Bennett is on his way to being an elementary school teacher and basketball coach. When he isn't studying, you can find him playing pick-up basketball at State Gym.

Sela Hanson


Sela Hanson’s on-campus leadership experience sets her apart in the field of elementary education. When she isn’t busy with her extracurricular activities, you can catch her watching YouTube cooking videos, biking, or knitting.

Shelby Dumont


Shelby Dumont looks forward to making an impact in the education profession after she graduates. When she isn't growing her skills as an educator, she likes watching Netflix, spending time with her friends, and trying new restaurants.

Karina Stripe


Karina Stripe looks forward to utilizing the unified program Iowa State University offers in her future career as an early childhood educator. When she isn't working with kids, she enjoys spending time with her chocolate lab, reading books, and eating pineapple on her pizza.

Grace Crapson


Grace Crapson looks forward to her future as an educator. When Grace isn't doing homework she co-writes short stories with her boyfriend, reads her Bible, or can be found doing her friends' hair and makeup.

Isabella Ellis


Isabella Ellis wants to work as a physical education teacher for an elementary school after graduation. Outside of her classes, clubs, and homework, she enjoys reading, watching HGTV, and working out.

Olivia Pierce


Olivia Pierce wants to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade elementary school students after she graduates. Outside of her coursework and her job, Olivia enjoys spending time with friends, working out at State Gym, and spending time outside in nice weather.

Vanessa Kime


Vanessa Kime wants to use her degree in elementary education to teach all over the world. When she isn't studying, you can find her hanging out with friends, watching movies, or practicing photography.

Amber Holloway


After spending time teaching elementary education, Amber Holloway wants to continue her education to become a guidance counselor. In between classes and studying, she enjoys doing yoga, trying out new coffee shops, and hanging out with friends.

Leah Beman


Leah Beman wants to be a special education elementary teacher. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, or drinking refreshers at Starbucks.