Student Profiles

Maggie Hanneman


Maggie Hanneman plans to be an elementary school teacher after graduation. When she isn't studying, Maggie enjoys getting coffee around town and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Des Moines. 

Lydia Anderson


Lydia Anderson is studying to become an elementary school teacher. When she isn't studying, Lydia enjoys attending workout classes, hanging out with friends, and eating at Pancheros.

Michelle Brackett

<p>“We’re a comfort for undecided students. We’re someone they can talk to if they need anything.”</p>

Michelle Brackett is studying to become a preschool special education teacher. When Michelle isn't studying, she enjoys hanging out with friends and watching The Big Bang Theory.

Riley Drake


Riley Drake plans to work as a professor of teacher education after receiving her Ph.D. When Riley isn't studying, she enjoys playing with her dog, reading poetry, spending time with friends and watching Netflix with a glass of Diet Coke.

Samantha Hirschman


After graduation from Iowa State University, Samantha plans to work for a small, liberal arts institution in an office for career services, academic advising, or accessibility services. When Samantha isn't studying, she enjoys putting puzzles together and spending time with her family and her partner, Emanuel.

Vashalice Howard


Vashalice Howard plans to start a literacy non-profit that focuses on authorship among diverse K-12 students. In her free time, Vashalice enjoys reading and listening to podcasts.

Doug Elrick


Doug Elrick plans to work as a full-time educator in digital forensics after receiving his Ph.D. In his free time Doug enjoys staying active in his church and helping with the church building, teaching a bible study, and leading a small group.  

Steven Waddell


Steven Waddell hopes to one day run his own college. In his free time Steven enjoys photography, writing, video games, basketball, and being vegan. 

Jake Bennett


Jake Bennett is on his way to being an elementary school teacher and basketball coach. When he isn't studying, you can find him playing pick-up basketball at State Gym.

Sela Hanson


Sela Hanson’s on-campus leadership experience sets her apart in the field of elementary education. When she isn’t busy with her extracurricular activities, you can catch her watching YouTube cooking videos, biking, or knitting.