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Douglas Wieczorek

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: School of Education

Office: 2683 Lagomarcino 901 Stange Rd, Ames, IA 50011
Phone number: +1 515 294 4486
Email: dwieczor@iastate.edu

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Research interests

Google Scholar Profile at https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=HJpRCpUAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao


Doug’s scholarly research, teaching, and service activities focus on how principals and teachers engage with federal and state-level accountability policies, school improvement initiatives, and reform programs within their local contexts and communities. His research program is guided by three overarching, and interrelated guiding questions which span relevant areas of policy, practice, and leadership preparation:

1. How do principals, teacher leaders, and teachers interpret and enact their instructional leadership of selected school improvement programs and initiatives?
2. How do principals, teacher leaders, and teachers interpret, and then enact, instructional leadership actions while implementing state- and federal-level policies in context?
3. How do leaders meet the teaching, learning, and leadership needs of teachers and students in schools within varying organizational, policy, and demographic contexts?

Current Research Projects

Iowa High Schools Study: State- and District Level Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) Implementation (with Eric Camburn and Peter Steiner)

A State-level Policy Case Study of Principals' and Teacher Leaders' Instructional Leadership (with Jeff Lear, Brandon Clark, and Amber Graeber)

The Role of Leadership Content Knowledge in Principals' Instructional Supervision of Secondary Mathematics (with Esther Enright)

Conducting Cross-state Policy Analysis to Determine Predominant Political Subcultures Influencing Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Policy(with Ian Mette and Israel Aguilar)

Select Peer-reviewed Publications

Clark, B., Wieczorek, D., & Damiani, J. (2018). The cultural dimensions of principals’ instructional leadership: An exploratory analysis. Journal of Research on Organization in Education,2,pp. 47-76. https://books.google.com/books?id=ZfZ5DwAAQBAJ&pg=PA47&lpg=PA47&dq=douglas+wieczorek+iowa+state&source=bl&ots=2YOMxRfZR8&sig=wn9OyWpolkni-e1N5gQC5SUsAw4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjrs46Fm5TfAhWDo4MKHdCvDnw4FBDoATACegQICRAB#v=onepage&q=douglas%20wieczorek%20iowa%20state&f=false

Wieczorek, D., Clark, B., & Theoharis, G. (2018). Principals’ perspectives of a Race to the Top evaluation system. Journal of School Leadership,28(5), pp. 566-595. https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=p1xxDwAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PA566&ots=7jPOVOmL-c&sig=1-cfgRKKNux81WGv6JZoGxNtyBY#v=onepage&q&f=false

Wieczorek, D., & Manard, C. (2018). Instructional leadership challenges and practices of novice principals in rural schools. Journal of Rural Research in Education, 34(2), 1-21. http://jrre.psu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/34-2.pdf

Wieczorek, D., Clark, B., & Theoharis, G. (2018). Principals’ instructional feedback practices during Race to the Top. Leadership and Policy in Schools. Online first at:http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15700763.2017.1398336

Wieczorek, D. (2017). Principals’ perceptions of public schools’ professional development changes during NCLB. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 25(8). EPAA video commentary at https://youtu.be/H50dmnwEh3o and archived at https://epaa.asu.edu/ojs/article/view/2339

Select Teaching in the Iowa State University School of Education

CI 601: Foundations of Educational Inquiry

ELPS 630: Education Policy and Analysis

Res Ev 550: Introduction to Education Research

EDADM 554: School Reform

Select Local, State, and National-level service

Treasurer and Board Member.(2017-2020). Nevada Teammates Chapter. Nevada Community School District (Nevada, IA).

President. (2018-2019). Iowa Council of Professors of Educational Administration (ICPEA).

Executive Council Member and Newsletter Editor. (2017-present).Leadership for School Improvement Special Interest Group. American Educational Research Association.

Plenum Session Representative.(2018-2021).University Council for Educational Administration, Iowa State University.


Ph.D., Teaching and Curriculum. (2014). Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY).

Honors and Awards

Nominee.Iowa State College of Human Sciences Early Achievement in Research Award.(2018-2019). Iowa State University School of Education.

Dissertation of the Year Award.(2015). Leadership for School Improvement Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association.

Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach Award.(2014).State University of New York at Cortland, (Cortland, NY).

David L. Clark Scholar.(2013).American Educational Research Association and the University Council for Educational Administration (Divisions A & L).

Golden Apple Teaching Award Honoree.(2005). Syracuse Post-Standard, (Syracuse, NY).

Funded Research Activities

Camburn, E., Steiner, P., & Wieczorek, D. (August 2018-June 2019). Iowa high schools study: Supplemental case study of state-level Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) implementation. $16,000.00. US Department of Education, #R305H140045 (Prime Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison); #835K866 (Sub-Award Contractor; Iowa State University). Role: Key Personnel.

Wieczorek, D., & Reason, R. (2015). Blended learning in a rural middle school. Iowa State College of Human Sciences Pre-Tenure Faculty Research Seed Grant. Role: Co-PI.

Professional Certifications and Licensure

Certificate in University Teaching. (2010). Future Professoriate Program completed at the Syracuse University Graduate School (Syracuse, NY).

New York State School District Administrator (SDA) P-12 Permanent Certification, (2006). Leadership preparation program of study completed at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY).

New York State Permanent Certification in Secondary (7-12) Social Studies Education, (2005). Graduate level pre-service teaching program of study completed at D'Youville College, 2000 (Buffalo, NY).

Iowa State University School of Education Educational Leadership Program Information

P-12 Transformative School Leadership Program (TSLP), (M.Ed. with principal licensure) at: https://www.education.iastate.edu/graduate-programs/teaching-learning-leadership-policy/tslp/

Educational Leadership, Organizations, and Policy Doctoral program, (Ph.D.) at: https://www.education.iastate.edu/graduate-programs/teaching-learning-leadership-policy/elop/

P-12 Transformative School Systems Leadership Doctoral Program, (Ed.D. with superintendent licensure) at:  https://www.education.iastate.edu/graduate-programs/p20-edd/