Policies & procedures

Guide and requirements

Teacher education decision making guide for criminal background check results

Self-reporting requirements

Student teaching application process


Appeal process for teacher candidates

Background check procedure and frequency

Decision point 1: Admission to teacher education program

Decision point 1: Early admission to the teacher education program for transfer students

Transition from former Praxis core exams to current Praxis core exams

Courses accepted towards educator preparation requirements

Decision point 2: Requirements candidates must meet prior to student teaching

Decision point 3: Recommendation for licensure

Requirements for recommendation for a waiver for a temporary license

District contracts for placements 

Faculty and supervisor requirements

Field experience placements in districts with previous relationships

Length of student teaching experience

Placing students in schools

Teacher candidates removing self from student teaching after decision point 2 meetings and prior to start of student teaching

Teacher candidate requirement to purchase liability insurance

Trainings required prior to student teaching

Unsatisfactory practicum or student teaching performance for students pursuing a teaching license

Violent incident response training

Educator Preparation Coordinating Council roles, responsibilities, and procedures

Role of Educator Preparation Program coordinators

Background check procedures for individuals supervising educator preparation candidates in field experiences



Teacher candidates have the right to appeal Educator Preparation Program policies or practices.

Teacher candidates need to follow the appeal process and complete the appeal form in Tk20. Directions on how to access and complete the appeal form in Tk20 can be found under the Tk20 Quick Guide for Appeals: Teacher Candidates. 

In general, teacher candidates needing to appeal an Educator Preparation Program policy or practice will have the following procedure: 

  • Establish with academic adviser the extenuating circumstances requiring the appeal
  • Complete the appeal form in Tk20
  • Have the academic adviser review the appeal form in Tk20
  • Have that the program coordinator review the appeal form in Tk20
  • Attach a recent degree audit or transcript to your appeal form in Tk20
  • Attach any other relevant material to support the request for the appeal
  • Once the appeal form is complete, contact the Director of Teacher Education Services, following the directions provided

The selection and retention subcommittee will review appeals at its monthly meeting unless extenuating circumstances exist.

Appeal process deadlines

The appeal deadlines are as follows: 

  • For the spring semester, all information must be submitted to the Director of Teacher Education Services by the first Monday in December.
  • For the fall semester to be considered prior to summer term, all information must be submitted on Tk20 the first Monday in May.
  • Following summer term for fall semester, all information must be submitted on Tk20 by the second Monday in August.

For additional questions, please contact your academic adviser.