Educator Preparation Coordinating Council

The Educator Preparation Coordinating Council (EPCC) is the policy-making body for the Iowa State University Educator Preparation Program. The EPCC consists of faculty coordinators representing each undergraduate and graduate licensure area.

EPCC has two subcommittees:

  • Selection and retention subcommittee
  • Assessment subcommittee

There is also an external advisory committee, representative of the major stakeholders of the ISU program, will act in concert with the EPCC to raise issues and address strategies for resolution. The EPCC will meet approximately once each month during the academic year.

Educator Preparation Coordinating Council members

Governing body

Program coordinator Person Email Phone Number
Director of EPP: Chair Heidi Doellinger 515-294-6368
Agriculture education Scott Smalley 515-294-0047
Early childhood education Gayle Luze 515-294-4045
Educational leadership Anita Micich 515-294-3265
Elementary education Katy Swalwell 515-294-4511
English education Donna Niday 515-294-9981
Family consumer science education Laura VanWaardhuizen 515-294-6316
History/social studies education Jeff Bremer
Amy Rutenberg
Mathematics education Alejandro Andreotti
Ji Yeong I
Music education Natalie Royston 515-294-6829
Physical education Holly Lipsey 515-294-8131
Science education Jay Staker 515-294-8417
World languages and cultures education Linda Quinn Allen 515-294-9014
Director, Teacher Education Services Jaime Boeckman 515-294-7559

Ex-officio members  

Member Person Email Phone Number
Clinical experience coordinator Deb Long 515-294-1915
Clinical experience coordinator Daryl Sackmann 515-294-6332
Clinical experience coordinator Jack Christensen 515-294-7886
Coordinator of educational assessment and program eval (ex-officio member) Lisa Woolery 515-294-7559
SOE K-12 & secondary education program lead Christa Jackson 515-294-4516
Licensure coordinator Teresa Kahler 515-294-7004
Director, School of Education Donald Hackmann 515-294-2336

Monthly minutes