Endorsements on a teaching license indicate which subject areas and grade levels you are qualified to teach. When pursuing your undergraduate, post bachelor’s, or graduate teaching licensure area in the Iowa State University Educator Preparation Program, you have a multitude of endorsement options, depending on your interests. To be recommended for an endorsement on your license, you must complete the necessary requirements of the specific endorsement.

  • K-12 teacher candidates major is the initial endorsement (example: physical education and music education)
  • Elementary education teacher candidates major is the initial endorsement and are required to also earn one additional endorsement.
  • Early childhood education teacher candidates major is the initial endorsement, but has PK-K ECE special education additional endorsement embedded into this program.
Endorsement Initial undergraduate Initial graduate K-8 (Elementary specializations) Grades 5-12 Grades K-12
Agricultural education X X   X  
Chinese X     X  
Coaching interscholastic athletics         X1
English and language arts X   X X  
English as a second language     X   X
Family and consumer sciences X     X  
French X     X  
German X     X  
Health     X X  
History X     X  
Latin        X  
Mathematics X X X X  
Music X       X
Physical education X       X
Reading      X1 X  
Russian       X  
Science X X X X  
Science—biology X X   X  
Science—chemistry X X   X  
Science—earth X X   X  
Science—physics X X   X  
Social studies     X    
Spanish X     X  
Special education     X   X2
Speech       X1  

1 Coaching, Reading, & Speech are not stand alone endorsements but can be added to any initial endorsement.

2 K-12 Instructional Strategist II: BD/LD is avaible as an additional endorsement to an existing license and with graduate course work in special education.