Instructional Design certificate

The Instructional Design certificate is primarily designed for those working in education, training, professional development, design, and/or outreach who wish to accredit and enhance their knowledge and skills needed to translate content into effective instructional solutions, select effective instructional technology, and design and develop instructional technology applications for use in business, industry, education, professional development, and other training settings. This is a 12-credit program.  All credits earned toward the Instructional Design Certificate are Iowa State University graduate credits and can be earned before, after, or concurrently with a master or doctoral degree, including:

All 12 program credits may be transferred and become part of a program of study (POS) for a master or doctorate degree if accepted by the POS Committee. However, completion of the certificate does not guarantee admission into a SOE master’s or doctoral program. 

Award of certificate 

Once you are enrolled in the Instructional Design Certificate Program you will be assigned an adviser who will work with you to complete the Certificate Program of Study formwhich will need to be completed no later than the semester prior to the last class for your certificate program. 

Deadline for completing programThe courses in the POS must be completed within seven years of acceptance into the Instructional Design Graduate Certificate Program.

Request for certificateDuring the final course and before midterm you are required to submit a Certificate Completion Form, which will be awarded upon successful completion of all certificate courses as indicated on your certificate Program of Study. You may expect your certificate to arrive 2-4 weeks after the semester ends. 

Providing that all the requirements have been met, the Instructional Design Graduate Certificate will be awarded.