Scholarships & financial aid

Undergraduate scholarships

The College of Human Sciences offers over 100 college-level scholarships that can be awarded to undergraduates. The application process for these scholarships opens in September and will be due in December. Review all of the details with the College of Human Sciences for full descriptions and requirements.

The College of Human Sciences uses one application to apply for any of the SOE or CHS undergraduate scholarships you are eligible for. On the application, answer the additional questions and complete the appropriate essays for the School of Education section. When you are finished, continue to the last page to submit the application. 

The School of Education offers a variety of scholarships and awards to undergraduates majoring in elementary education, early childhood education and secondary education who are a part of the Educator Preparation Program. Some of the scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. If you are interested in applying for these scholarships, you must authorize a copy of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as described in the CHS scholarship application. 

Students should review the full list of School of Education undergraduate scholarships for eligibility and requirements prior to applying. 

Graduate scholarships

School of Education scholarships are awarded twice each year for returning, established graduate students for the following semester and/or academic year. The School of Education graduate program also has scholarship funds from the College of Human Sciences to award students at these two points in the academic year at their discretion. Make sure you are checking your official Iowa State email and watching the School of Education website for news for the next round of scholarships and the deadlines for application.